100 Homes job vacancies, free courses, Big Lunch and more!

Stonehouse 100 Homes



We have just finished our first exhibition!  Held at Union Corner, 96 Union Street, as part of the Plymouth HIstory Festival we displayed pictures and stories of Stonehouse folk, art and craftwork created  by members of local community groups, a book about Cora Pearl made by one of our members, and collected memories of local shops. On the open evening on Wednesday 31st May people brought in old photos and diaries and told more stories.  Fascinating tales were told and it was wonderful to see how stories and people are beginning to link together.

Job vacancies

Because we weren’t very happy with our recruitment procedure the first time round we have decided to re-advertise the part time posts of coordinator and administrator for the Stonehouse 100 Homes project.  The deadline for applications is noon on Friday 16th June.  Details here – Stonehouse 100 Homes Letter-of-Recruitment Stonehouse 100 Homes Coordinator   100-homes-administrator


We held our agm on 24th May.  The Chair of our steering group, Pete Davey resigned so that he can help out more with 100 Homes and we were unable to fill the vacancy that evening.  If you would like to be the Stonehouse Time Bank Chair please get in touch.  We will help and support you in any way we can.

We have a strong and dedicated team that meets at 9 am on the last Friday of the month in the Oasis cafe to discuss how things are going and plan events and swaps.  Members are always welcome if they want to join us.


Big Lunch

On Sunday 18th June we will be joining Stonehouse Action to celebrate the Big Lunch, an annual celebration with community groups and neighbours all over the country taking to the streets to enjoy lunch together. We will be holdong ours outside Union Corner (indoors if it rains) from 11.30 – 3 pm.  There will be live music, games, children’s toys and bacon butties.  Bring some food to share and join in the fun!

Garden Tidy


To make sure Union Corner is looking good for the next day we’ll be there from 9 – 11 am on Saturday 17th June to tidy the garden.  Your help would be very welcome.

A vegan group is organising an All Day Elevenses starting at – 11 o’clock! You could stay on afterwards and treat yourself.

Tea, Toast and Treats

We are trying out a new time slot – from 9 am – 12.30 pm – starting this week.  Free tea and toast and Time Bank swaps and activities.

Free Courses!

Stonehouse Action have arranged courses in Creative Writing and Portrait Drawing with On Course. Creative writing starts on 6th June from 2.30 – 4.30 and portrait drawing starts on Thursday 8th June at 6 pm.  Both courses run for 6 weeks  It’s short notice but you may still be able to join now or after the start date -click on the links below.. These courses are open to all adults, not just Stonehouse residents.



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