About Stonehouse Time Bank

Time Banks

Time banking  rewards people for the time and effort they put into their neighbourhood. For every hour of help that someone puts in they get one time credit. Each time credit can be spent on getting help with something else

Everyone’s skill, time and contribution is equally valued so time and talent can still be exchanged even when money is scarce.  There are lots of ways to participate and with a little imagination and creativity the possibilities are endless.

And it isn’t just for individuals – businesses, charities and other organisations can join too. For example a local service such as a gym or theatre could offer places at non-peak times in exchange for time credits.

Stonehouse Time Bank

We are a team of individuals who live and work in the Stonehouse area of Plymouth and we have been actively running as a Time Bank from April 2012

How it Works

For each hour you help another Time Bank member, you receive one Time Credit which you can spend on getting someone to do something for you.

An hour of your time is equal to an hour of someone else’s – whatever the activity: everyone’s skill, time and contribution is equally valued

You don’t need to spend the time credits straight away, you can save them to use in the future or donate them to a group you support

Time banking is flexible, you can make exchanges as often or as little as you need.

You can donate your credits to another member should you wish to do so, it is oh so easy to help each other.


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