Things Wanted

Recent requests

Help with the 100 Homes project.  Opening evening ~Friday 15th May, 5 – 9 pm at Union Corner, can you help with setting up refreshments, interviewing people, do you  have a Stonehouse Home story to tell or photos to show?  Help needed on the night and before.

New Committee With our agm on 9th May we are looking for people to get involved in the running of the group.  What does it involve?  Well the past year has involved lots of cups of coffee at the Oasis and helping plan the 100 Light Parade and plenty more events.  What it involves next year may depend on you!

Union Corner Lots of help needed with the garden, sorting through the old wood, clearing and flattening he ground, laying paving, looking after the pots we’ve planted, donating plants, designing.  Indoors we need plasterers then painters (and a new shop front!).

Gardening at Gloucester Court

Stonehouse in Bloom  Giivng out leaflets for their plant sale on Saturday 16th May and help on the day itself.

Can you help with building advice for an old house renovation?

A new member would like to receive : cooking, sewing, photography, dance or painting

Can you help with English conversation?

How do you fancy being an ‘Energy Champion’ for Stonehouse? Training given. It’s about people saving energy and money.

  • Offering to ‘train’ or run a workshop on something you are interested in. We are thinking of getting a list of workshops that people can go to by spending the hours they have earned.
  • Offering a venue for workshops or meetings


We really need to get a core group of gardeners together now as there is plenty of work to do. We have the base, we have the tools, we have the projects – all we need now is enough workers to be able to pull together a small group every time there is work to be done. This will focus on the community garden opposite the Palace in Union Street (clear up weekend coming soon – lots of heavy rubbish to move!), but will also include other patches in Stonehouse. And maybe an inspirational visit to a secret garden which has already been created in Stonehouse. Let us know if you want to be involved – you don’t have to turn out every time, just when it suits you. But we do need a fairly large group that can be invited to each outing.

And let us know if you are interested in being more involved in administering and organising the time bank. That would be really useful!  We are always looking for people who want to help run Time Bank, and do things like keeping our records up to date, arranging swaps, maintaining our website and managing our twitter account.


7 Responses to Things Wanted

  1. John Bowhay says:

    Hi Timebank,
    I would definately like to join and would particularly like to help with the garden opposite the Palace Theatre and may be able to donate a few plants. Please would you also let me have details of “Carry on Stonehouse” and copy me in on any forthcoming events. Many thanks.
    Kind regards
    John Bowhay (1a-1d Waterloo Yard communal garden)

    • Hi John. Lovely to visit your garden recently. Great that you want to join Stonehouse Time Bank and that you will be able to share your gardening expertise with us. We are trying to link up Stonehouse gardeners so I will keep you informed of what is happening. Meanwhile there is croquet and tea at Millfields on Saturday at 3 if you would like to come to that. Details on news page. I went last year and it was really enjoyable.Could you let us have your e-mail address please then we can add you to our list. Barbara

  2. John Bowhay says:

    Hi Barbera, many thanks for the invitation. I am afraid I can’t make the croquet. Shame, it sounds lovely. Email is I will keep you informed of the progress of our new Stonehouse Garden Group as things develop. There is a possibility of some new allotments becoming available next year near me and a new communal garden opening in Feb.
    Many thanks. Kind regards. John.

    • I find this Stonehouse gardening very exciting and look forward to hearing further news. I am hoping to do something for the Plymouth in Bloom horticultural show so may be in touch about that. Barbara

  3. Mariana says:

    Things wanted:) I would need more confidence driving my car. Driving on the left p.e in roundabouts and incorporating to main roads, are still a little scary for me. Can you help? I could help you with your Spanish, events organization, clearing gardens… Thank you!

    • Barbara says:

      Hi Mariana. We have a meeting today so I can ask – perhaps we will see you at one of today’s events. You could also help by linking STB members to the sea.

  4. Mariana says:

    Thanks! Definitely, I would love to involve STB with the sea.

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