What’s on offer

If you want to spend some hours:

We have lots of keen gardeners and crafters but, with over 100 members, there are plenty  of skilled people to help with all sorts of things as well. And as a member of Stonehouse Time Bank, you can also access help from members of the other 6 Time Banks across Plymouth.

Recent offers:

Drive Safely for Longer workshop Wednesday 20 May

Fancy travelling somewhere exciting?  We have a new member able to give advice on travelling to Africa and South America or sailing in the Med.

An offer of writing, poetry or puppetry if you’re feeling creative.

Here’s an impressive list of what’s been offered in the past by Stonehouse Time Bank members:

Admin, Art work – painting, Baking bread, Baking cakes, Guitar tuition – basic, Piano tuition – basic, Book keeping, Butchery, Campaigning, Car upkeep. Car washing, Cardmaking, Carpentry, Cleaning, Climbing, Community  consultation, Companionship, Computer skills, Cooking, Craftwork, Creating newspapers, Creating websites, CV review, Dance tuition, Designwork, Dog walking, Drama, Driving – lifts, Driving stuff to tip, Errands, Escourt to appointments, Fancy dress, Foraging, French conversation and translation, Gardening, Computer work – general, German conversation and translation, Gift wrapping, Help with e-bay, Form filling help, Social event help, House sitting, Icing cakes, Ironing, Jewellery, Knitting, Leafletting, Letter writing, Listening, Massage therapies, Metalwork, Moving/lifting, Mowing the lawn, Music – playing, Music – tuition, Nature conservation, Packing, Photography, Photoshop, Plant watering, Plastering, Poetry, Pottery. Local knowledge, Publicity, Reiki, Research – internet, Research – family history, Sewing, Shopping, Simple decorating, Simple DIY, Small business mentoring, Sports coaching, Teaching English, Teaching foreign languages, Teaching reading, Textiles, Training, Translations, Trouble shooting, Typing, word processing, Visiting, Walking tours, Weeding, Woodwork, Writing articles, Writing letters

We also loads of fun events  which you can spend your hours on. Watch out for details of these on our News page and on Facebook!


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